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概要:导读:苹果新一代AirPods目前已经积聚了全球热卖的势头。这款产品体现了便携设备未来发展的趋势。甚至是科幻电影的预演,想看看它是什么吗? Apple’s New AirPods Are the Future, Like It or Not 不管...


Apple’s New AirPods Are the Future, Like It or Not


The second-generation AirPods have longer battery life, switch more easily between devices, and can be controlled by saying “Hey Siri.”
第二代AirPods具有更长的电池寿命,在设备之间更容易切换,并且可以通过说“Hey Siri”来控制。

They’re expensive. They look dorky. The sound quality is just OK. And, at least at first glance, they don’t really seem to do anything in particular that ordinary headphones haven’t been doing for years.

And yet: It’s increasingly clear that AirPods—and devices like them—are the future.

它们很贵。他们看起来很笨。音质还可以。而且,至少乍一看,他们似乎并没有做任何特别的地方,和普通耳机多年来一直那样。 然而:越来越明显的是,AirPods,以及和它相似的设备就是代表了未来。

If you’re an iPhone owner who didn’t buy the first generation of AirPods, there’s a decent chance you’ll buy the second, which Apple launched Wednesday morning in a surprise announcement. Not because they’re much better than the first, necessarily, but because they’re so much more convenient than conventional earbuds—and they’re poised to build on the momentum that was already driving them down a path to near-ubiquity.

如果你是一个没有购买第一代AirPods的iPhone用户,你将有机会购买第二代产品,这是苹果周三早上发布的一个惊喜公告。并不是因为它们比第一代好得多,而是因为它们比传统的耳塞更方便 - 而且第二代产品似乎已经建立了让这款产品成为热销,在全球市场上无处不在的势头。

The new AirPods—which you can order now at the Apple Store for $159, or $199 with a new wireless charging case—come with an “H1” chip that Apple says will give them 50 percent more talk time and allow them to connect to new devices twice as fast. Those are probably the biggest selling points in terms of everyday usability, because seamlessness is at the core of AirPods’ success. It’s what sets them apart from previous Bluetooth earbuds, whose connection foibles relegated them to niche status.

新款AirPods  - 你现在可以在以售价159美元的Apple Store订购,或者花199美元购买一个套装,该套装有一个新的无线充电盒 - 带有一个“H1”芯片,苹果称它将为AirPods提供多出50%的通话时间,在关联设备间的切换最快达以往 2 倍。这些可能是日常可用性方面的最大卖点,因为无缝切换是AirPods成功的核心。这使得它们与以前的蓝牙耳塞区别开来,后者的连接弱点将它们降级为小众市场。

AirPods are, for now, mostly just super-convenient wireless headphones that pair readily, never tangle, and have a few nifty bonus features like pausing playback when you take one out. That alone has been enough to convince many who try them to never go back. At a time when Apple risks losing its reputation for brilliantly simple hardware design, AirPods “just work” in the way that the company’s best products always have.


You can now control AirPods without using your hands at all.

And in perhaps the strongest sign of their success, young people have embraced them, making them both a meme and a status symbol. People over 30 may find AirPods uncool, but we aren’t the arbiters of such things anymore. And people without a lot of disposable income will continue to find them out of reach, but that won’t stop Apple from selling a ton of them, which in turn will spawn viable competitors that offer similar gadgets at a lower price.

AirPods这次会火,最明显的迹象是,年轻人已经接受了它,他们把AirPods看作一种文化和地位的象征。 30岁以上的人可能会觉得AirPods不太酷,但他们不再是这类东西的仲裁者了。没有大量可支配收入的人将继续发现它们遥不可及,但这并不会影响苹果公司出售其中的大量产品,而这反过来又会催生以较低价格提供类似产品的可行竞争对手。

But there’s another feature of the second-generation AirPods that might turn out to be more important in the long run: the ability to control them directly by saying “Hey Siri.” That means you no longer need your hands at all to operate basic features of your iPhone, like making a call, sending a text, or playing a song. It turns your iPhone into something like an Amazon Echo for your pocket.

但从长远来看,第二代AirPods的另一个特点可能会变得更为重要:通过说“嘿Siri”来直接控制它们的能力。这意味着你根本不需要你的手来操作你的iPhone上的基本功能,比如打电话,发短信或播放歌曲。语音助手可以让你的iPhone变成像你的口袋里的Amazon Echo。

I wrote when AirPods were first announced that people writing them off as mere wireless headphones were missing the broader point. They weren’t just a listening device—they were, at least potentially, a voice-controlled wearable computer, that would become more independent over time. The movie Her, unrealistic as it is in some respects, offers a vivid glimpse into how potent this type of device could be.

我正在写这篇文章的时候AirPods首次宣称,人们把它们仅仅作为无线耳机是不准确的,错过了更广泛的观点。AirPods不仅仅是一种听力设备 - 它们至少可能算是一种语音控制的可穿戴计算机,随着时间的推移会变得更加独立。电影Her《她》(一部关于AI的科幻电影)尽管在某些方面是不切实际的,但它提供了一个生动的一瞥,让人们了解这种类型的设备是多么强大。

As it turns out, AirPods have been a hit even without yet realizing their full potential as an A.I. that you can talk to wherever you go. But the new iteration brings them a step closer to that future, for better or worse. For those who don’t want to see Her become reality anytime soon, there remains just one saving grace: 错误! 超链接引用无效。



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