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My Salary Progression in Tech


Posted on March 14, 2019

Dionne Sims


I need people to start talking about their salaries. Why are you all so weird about money. Stop. White people especially need to talk about their salaries because marginalized folks in the same fields often have no idea they're being swindled by employers.


There was a recent tweet that asked people to share their salary as a means of helping others, so I’ll do that. I don’t think it’s enough, however1. It will give you power in your own negotiations, but it’s not enough1, again. To help you more, I highly recommend Patrick McKenzie’s (@patio11) article on Salary Negotiation. In my case I used some of his techniques; but as this was 2010, his article wasn’t written yet. It’s one of the best articles I’ve seen on salary negotiation. Seriously, go read it.

My salary increases over the years have been due to a few things:
1. Knowing what I brought to the table and selling that.
2. Showing that I bring more value than I’m asking for.
3. Not being emotionally invested in the outcome.

(Which is somewhat ironic as being emotionally invested is what ends up getting me in trouble later on). 

最近有一条推文要求人们作为帮助他人的手段,分享他们自己的工资。所以我会这样做。不过,我认为这还不够。知道其他人的工资信息,可能会在你自己跟公司的谈判中,给你一些议价的力量,但这还不够。为了帮助你,我强烈推荐Patrick McKenzie关于薪酬谈判的文章。就我而言,我使用了他的一些技巧;但早在2010年的时候,他的文章尚未撰写。这是我在薪资谈判中看到的最好的文章之一。说真的,去读吧。






I have never threatened to leave a job if I wasn’t given a raise; as I feel like that leads to a “Gosh, what will happen with George if we give it to him? Will he stick around? He’s already mentioned leaving!” mentality. I also don’t ask twice. If I don’t get it, then I step back, learn what’s valuable to the other party, and do more of that, visibly.1, once againAnywhere you see a bump for the same employer is where I’ve asked for a raise (discounting the cost of living raises; as I did not ask for those).


In instances where I’ve changed jobs, which I’ve done quite a few times throughout my career; it was generally done for more money or an intangible benefit (for instance, I loved working at Higher Logic, but left to join Jewelbots because I really believed in Sara Chipps‘ mission). I left Silkroad technology (even though I loved the team) because I had moved to Northern Virginia and couldn’t make it in NoVA on North Carolina wages (the cost of living jumped by 35%). Similarly, I left The Motley Fool to join Higher Logic because there was an opportunity for a bit of a pay increase; and as a new father I couldn’t turn that down (though, the Fool is pretty awesome to work for). 

在我换工作的情况下,这我在整个职业生涯中发生过很多次。这通常是为了更多的钱或无形的利益(例如,我喜欢在Higher Logic(一种在线管理软件)工作,但离开加入了Jewelbots(智能手环研发公司),因为我真的相信Sara Chipps(智能手环研发公司创始人)的使命。我离开了Silkroad技术公司(尽管我喜欢这个团队),因为我搬到了北弗吉尼亚州,我无法用北卡罗来纳州的工资来支付在北弗吉尼亚的社区学院的费用(北弗吉尼亚生活成本上涨了35%)。同样地,我离开The Motley Fool加入Higher Logic,因为有机会增加一点加薪水;作为一个新的父亲,我无法拒绝(尽管,Fool这家公司非常棒)。

A final note, this is just salary. I’m not including 401K employer contributions, bonuses, or anything of that nature (it clouds the base-pay issue; and if you’re living month to month (like we were), base-pay is all that really matters. I will say that base-pay isn’t the full story. Jewelbots couldn’t offer health insurance but they fully covered my COBRA. Since Higher Logic had an amazing healthcare plan; it was a really good place to be in.

最后一点,这只是薪水。不包括我的401K雇主供款(养老金),奖金或任何类似性质的东西(这些额外的报酬会影响基本工资问题;如果你每个月生活开销不断(就像我们家一样),那么基本工资才是真正重要的。我会说基本工资并不是全部,.Jewelbots智能手环公司不能提供医疗保险,但他们完全覆盖了我的COBRA(一种健康险)。由于Higher Logic公司有一个非常好的医疗保健计划;所以它是一个非常好值得去的公司。

I should also note (so final_note_2), that @vcsjones is the one that got me realizing I should ask for more money. We were having a conversation on our way down to RevolutionConf 2016, and we stopped at a local brewery he suggested for a beer and food. I asked him what he made — I had had a few sips of beer, to be fair — but credit to him, he told me. They aren’t my facts to tell, but he is the one that helped me see the local market was not what Glassdoor made it out to be.

So here it is, my salary progression in tech (Note, as I just opened my business; there is no revenue to report).

我还应该做注释,@ vcsjones 是那个让我意识到我应该要求更多钱的人。我们在前往RevolutionConf 2016(某个软件开发大会)的路上进行了一次对话,他建议我们在一家啤酒和食品店停下来来杯啤酒吃点东西。我问他他是做什么的-我已经喝了几口啤酒,老实说-还是信任他的,他告诉我他所做的。这些不是我想讲的重点,我想说的是,是他帮助我看到当地的人才市场不是Glassdoor(公司工资查询网站)所描述的那样。


*: The Asterisk (*) indicates when I’ve asked for raises or otherwise negotiated for that salary.



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